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The proposed productions cannot be downloaded for free but have a fee, even if small, because one of the principle aims of the network is to allow young talent to make a living by dedicating themselves exclusively to their artistic productions and not to be forced into expressing themselves “marginally” in another type of work or even worse abandon their work completely

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Completely new: Concerts on Catalog

Classica Viva proposes itself as a point of high cultural quality, but accessible and not elitist which presents great music to the public attracting even those who have never, until now, been in a concert hall, either because it was too expensive or for lack of interest

Classica Viva aims to take the music everywhere, offering the possibility to listen to excellent concerts at accessible prices, even in small centres to a public that has never had this possibility. For this reason, promoting and organizing concerts, offering the database of artists with planned events to Cultural Associations, County Cultural Assessors, Provinces and Regions, concert companies, schools at every level and order… in other words to whoever is interested in proposing great live music and creating culture.

The approach is new and simple: in our catalog you will find the proposals for many concerts with the programmes organized in a culturally stimulating way, innovative and of certain success, A lot of space is given to chamber music, but also to orchestral concerts, piano and orchestras, violins and orchestras and of course to grand piano recitals, organs and harpsichords.

The concerts are offered “keys in hand”: in collaboration with the organization planning the event. Classica Viva swill take care of all the organization, the preparation of the hall, the eventual rental of a piano, the programs, the paperwork for SIAE and ENPALS, the contacts and the rehearsals with the artists, the managing of the press releases……in other words with all the practical aspects that are necessary for a successful concert. Whoever is interested in organizing a concert can contact us directly by e-mail at