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F. Chopin - Notturno in do# min Op post
F. Chopin - Notturno in do# min Op post
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F.A.Q. F.A.Q.


About Us
The downloading service for this website is supplied by Classica Viva.
Our address is:
Via Altino 11 20072 Dorno (PV)

Classica Viva is the editorial division of New Problem Solvine S.R.L. C. C. I. A.A. reg. N. 01976020188- rep 235820 registered company in Italy

Contact us
By e-mail to catalogo@classicaviva.com for general informations
By e-mail to concerti@classicaviva.com for concerts informations
By e-mail to webmaster@classicaviva.com for technical issues


Your system must have:

  • An audio card, loudspeakers or headsets connected to your PC
  • Windows 98, ME 2000 or XP installed, Mac OS 9, Mac OS X, Linux…
  • Windows Media Player version 7 (or higher) or any other player MP3
  • The firewalls must be deactivated, as they could make it impossible to listen to or download the music. If you down load scores, books or notes, you will need a laser printer or inkjet UNIA4 or the Acrobat Reader Software to read PDF files.

A Summary of How to Us The System

  1. read the service terms and conditions
  2. create your personal account (by registering your information)
  3. find the articles which you are interested in (you can use the advanced search section)
  4. add them to your cart
  5. continue with the purchase supplying the the payment information (through the PayPal site)
  6. download the files you have purchased.

The musical files can be listened to on the computer or downloaded on to a player which supports the MP3 format. They can also be copied onto CDs to be listen to on any support which can read the CDs in MP3 format.
These files can be read directly on the computer or printed with any laser or ink printer as they are in PDF format. The notes and the book are created so that they can be printed on UNIA4 paper obtaining a UNIA5 boundable format .
Things are naturally a little different for the concerts. The differences are such that it is necessary to make a direct contact. In this case the catalogue has the role of the “showcase” to give an idea of what is already available, of how we work and of the activities of our artists. If you think you are interested in our proposals please send an e-mail to concerti@classicaviva.com or contact our artistic director Ines Angelino at 348-2250241.


Why MP3 and not WMA?
We chose MP3 because we believe it is more user friendly as many portable readers or audio systems installed in cars, especially if outdated, do not support the WMA (Windows Media Audio ,the system created by Microsoft and installed in its Windows Media Player) and therefore whoever downloads this type of file can only listen to it on their PC.

How do I download the music?
When you choose a piece of music to download, you will be asked to save it on your PC. We advise you to save your musical files in one easily retraceable place on your PC, for example in the file “Music” which is on the C: drive. All the downloaded music is in MP3 format. MP3 is the acronym for Mpeg1 Layer 3 and is one of the most widely used format for the compression of audio files. I allows you to reduce the volume in regards to the wave format (Waveform Audio File Format) of the normal CDs.
How do I listen to the music I have downloaded?
To listen to the music, go to the file in your PC where you have saved the music file during the downloading process. Double click on the file .zip and extract the MP3 file. Open the MP3 file in the Windows Media Player or in your preferredMP3 reader.

How can I listen to the music using a HI Fi system?
The new devices are already set up to read the CD in MP3 format and so it is sufficient to copy the music and listen to it as a regular CD. For the systems that do not have the set up for this format it is very simple:
• Go to an electronics store and buy a cable with the minijack on one side and two double attachments on the other. Insert the minijack in the PC or in the potable reader headsets on which you have downloaded the music.
• Insert the jack in the back part of the stereo amplifier. Ideally the input should be aux, but any input will be alright with the exception of a record player input.
• Put the musical file onto your computer or reader, and select “aux” on the amplifier (or any input you used). Now you should be able to listen to the music.

Do I have to be connected to the internet when I listen to the downloaded music?
No. Once you have downloaded the file onto your computer you can listen to it with your multimedia reader without an internet connection.
Can I listen to the music before purchasing it?
Certianly! To have an example of the quality of your productions and to give you th epossibility to understand if the piece is what you are looking for or in any case interests you, most of the pieces available in the catalogue can be listened to for a bout one minute free of charge. (Anteprima function).

How can I copy the songs onto a CD?
It is possible to copy directly using the system available on the XP operating system or using Windows Media Player or using your preferred copying program. There are other more sophisticated products which can be are easily available on the internet either free of charge or for a fee.

On what hardware is it possible to listen to the music?
It is necessary to have a computer with the audio card or a portable reader which supports the Mp3 format. The famous Apple iPod or Creative Zen, for example.

USE OF THE TEXT FILES ( scores, notes and books)

Why in PDF format?
How can I read the books and notes? The text files are supplied in zip format. In order to read them it is sufficient to double click on the icon. It is possible to extract them and put them in the original formatted file (obviously this will increase the occupied space).
Can I bound the books and notes?
Yes. The files are created to be printed with an UNIA5 page form which is pocket size and allows for practical usage.
How do I print the scores?
The scores are in UNIA4 format and can be printed on a standard laser or ink printer.
Can I print front and back?
Certainly. By using the appropriate printer which can print on one side (eg, the odd pages) and then by turning the sheets in the drawer. We do advise that you try thgis first with a few pages to test the correct method is being used.
Do I have to have a colour printer?
No it is not necessary. Some texts contain colour pictures but it is purely a graphical question and can be printed in black and white.
Do I need to connect to the internet to read the documents that I have downloaded?
No. Once you have downloaded the files onto your computer, you can open them like any other file without being connected to the internet.


What methods of payment are accepted?
We accept payments made by all the credit cards in the Visa circuit. In the future we will accept other methods of payment (for example postepay).
Is there a limit to the amount I can spend?
No. You may purchase everything you wish, even if it is one article with a minimal price. However we advise you to verify that you have put everything you want to purchase into the cart before going to purchase. You can use our advanced search function to verify if you have chosen everything that interests you that you have at your disposal.
How can I be sure this site is secure?
To assure the highest level of security. We send your relative payment details using the most up to date cryptage data. Moreover you will see that for the payment we use the Paypal site which is one of the most important payment sites using the most secure technological devices for the financial transactions on the internet. There is another way to be sure that the pages are secure: you can click on the right side of the mouse inside of the payment page and the computer will show the URL which starts with “https”. “Https” indicates that the page is secure. Note that fo rthe use of this page the “secure lock” is not present at the bottom of the page.
How can I return and be refunded for a payment made?
If for any reason you wish to return a purchased digital download, you can send an e-mail to webmasteròclassicaviva.com within 7 days inserting as the subject of the e-mail “Refund Request” and attaching your musical file with the following information:
• e-mail and user name used at the moment of the confirmation of the order by e-mail.
• The website where you purchased the file
• The title/s for which you wish to be refunded
• The reason for the refund

How We Handle Your Personal Information

What is an account and why is it necessary?
The account is non other than your personal data and the relationship you have with us. All this information is registered in our archives so that when you visit us another time we are able to recognize you and have all your information on hand. It is not compulsory to have an account to look at the catalogue or listen to the preview. It is however necessary to make purchases. The account can be created at any time, freely and maybe just to receive the newsletter and you are under no obligation towards us. It consists of an e-mail address and a password which only you know. Based on the Privacy Act the password must be at least 8 characters and contain numbers and letters (use something simple which is easy for you to remember). Remember these as they are necessary for you to be recognised every time you wish to make a purchase.
Why do you need my e-mail address?
We need your e-mail address in order to send you all the information regarding your purchase. The use of this information is protected by the Privacy Laws. Your e-mail address is also useful for sending you the newsletter if you requested it.
Why do I need a password?
The password allows us to verify your identity and to protect your access to the catalogue and your information.
Do I have to subscribe pay anything to have an account?
NO, it is not necessary to subscribe: it is sufficient to register on the Network for free in order to be able to make purchases. You can choose the products which you are interested in, put them in your shopping cart, and at the end pay with your credit card via the secure on-line site (PayPal), following the normal on-line payment procedures.
How do I request to inactivate receiving your newsletter?
It is very simple. At the bottom of the “My Account” page you will find a “e-Mail notifications” section with a specific command for this.
Can I refuse to receive advertising e-mails?
Yes. At the same time as you register or at any time there after you can cancel the newsletter.
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01."Clav. ben Temp.", Libro I - Prel. e Fuga n. 1 - BWV 846
02."Clav. ben Temp.", Libro I - Prel. e Fuga n. 4 - BWV 849
03."Variazioni... e dintorni" di Stefano Ligoratti
04.Basic Flute Method
05.F. Mendelssohn - Variations Serieuses in re min
06."Nel cuore di Chopin" di Simone Pionieri
07.A. Skrjabin - Sonata n. 2 op. 19 in sol# min. II mov - Presto
08.A. Skrjabin - Sonata n. 2 op. 19 in sol# min. I mov - Andante
09.F. Schubert - Sonata D 784 in la min. II mov
10.F. Schubert - Sonata D 784 in la min. III mov
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